Fluorosilicone oil is a kind of chemical inert materials. It has excellent oil & solvent and chemical resistance,  high effective lubricity, excellent water and oil repellency, demoulding, defoaming and excellent anti-fouling property. It is suitable for lubrication of high-speed bearings in the presence of chemical media, various mechanical parts and components, as well as valves, bearings, gears, sealing gaskets, mechanical pumps, etc. In addition, the antifoam prepared by fluorosilicone oil is suitable for all kinds of foaming systems, especially for solvent-based detergents. Fluorosilicone fluid is also widely used as water & oil repellent and antifouling finishing agent for fibers and fabrics, coating and plastics modifier.

fluorosilicone oil
Product Compostion Chemical Structure Main Technical Index
Fluorosilicone Oil TPD-FS8012TrifluoropropylmethylsiloxaneFluorosilicone Oil TPD-FS8012Viscosity, 25℃:300, 500, 1000, 10,000mm2/s
Working Temperature:-40~204℃
Volatility (200℃, 4hr):<3%
Fluorosilicone Oil TPD-FS8014Hydroxyl terminated polyfluorosiloxaneHydroxy Fluorosilicone OilViscosity, 25℃:100 mm2/s
Flash Point:>260℃
Volatility (200℃,4hr):<5%
Fluorosilicone Oil TPD-FS8016Hydrogen terminated polyfluorosiloxaneHydrogen Fluorosilicone Oil TPD-FS8016Viscosity, 25℃:50-200 mm2/s
Hydrogen content, %:0.2~1.0
Fluorosilicone Oil TPD-FS8017PolyfluoroalkylsiloxaneViscosity, 25℃:300~5,000 mm2/s
Fluorine Content: 50-70%
Fluorosilicone Oil TPD-FS8019Vinyl terminated polyfluorosiloxaneVinyl Fluorosilicone OilViscosity, 25℃:300~1000 mm2/s
Flash Point:>260℃
Volatility (200℃,4hr):<5%

Fluorosilicone oil can be used as base oil for fluorosilicone grease by adding thickeners, stabilizers and modifying additives. When fluorosilicone oil is used as base oil of lubricating grease, the boundary lubrication of steel-steel can be significantly improved. The friction coefficient of ordinary mineral lubricants increases with the increase of load, while fluorosilicone lubricants have obvious advantages in this respect. In addition, with the increase of temperature, viscosity of ordinary mineral lubricants decrease obviously, which makes the function of lubricating oil decrease and easy to be lost, while the viscosity-temperature coefficient of fluorosilicone oil is very good. It can be used alone or mixed with dimethyl silicone oil or methyl phenyl silicone oil. Its lubricity is obviously better than chlorophenyl silicone oil and even better than mineral oil grease under high load. The working temperature of fluorosilicone grease is (-70~252℃), it is suitable for the lubrication of high speed and heavy load bearings in contact with chemicals, and for the lubrication and sealing of valves in contact with corrosive materials. Fluorosilicone grease can be used as high vacuum grease for lubrication and sealing of parts which are exposed to benzene solvents.

Fluorosilicone Oil TPD-FS8012 is typically used as a lubricating oil in vacuumpumps handling reactive gases. 

Because the surface tension of fluorosilicone oil, especially long chain perfluoroalkyl silicone oil, is lower than that of other silicone oils, the antifoam prepared by fluoroalkyl silicone oil is more effective in reducing the surface tension of various foaming systems, and its effect is better than that of antifoam prepared by other silicone oils. Fluorosilicone antifoam can be used in petroleum industry, textile industry, synthetic rubber and resin industry, paint and ink industry, food processing industry, fermentation industry, medical applications, etc.

Fluorosilicone oil can also be used to prepare release agent, which has good anti-stickiness and lubricity, non-corrosiveness, it is non-toxic and safe, and can be used in moulding, casting, packaging and coating processes. Emulsion based or solvent-free products based on fluorosilicone oils can be used as paper isolating agents with unique properties.

Fluorosilicone oil can be used to prepare fluorosilicone textile finishing agent. Fabrics treated with fluorosilicone finishing agent are water & oil repellent, anti-fouling and antistatic, which makes them easier to be washed than ordinary fabrics. At the same time, it can maintain good softness and hand-feeling. 

In addition, the fluorosilicone oil with vinyl group can also be used to produce addition type liquid fluorosilicone rubber, fluorosilicone rubber coatings, etc. The fluorosilicone oil with hydroxyl group can be used as structural control agent of fluorosilicone rubber.